Psychotherapist and Author

As a mental health therapist, I talk with people about the big stuff. How to understand ourselves, create harmonious relationships, and find a sense of purpose and contentment. How to relate to our parents, parent our kids, and recover from trauma and loss. How to hold it together even when life falls apart. We're more alike than different; we all yearn for safety and validation. We need to make meaning from our stories.

Life is complicated, and our neurobiology can be fragile. People may make terrible mistakes for reasons they don't understand. No easy templates guarantee any outcomes, but I'm optimistic despite this. Life improves with accurate information, support, and valuable tools.

I'm passionate about sharing insights into all aspects of human behavior and translating behavioral science research into everyday language. My work is always evidence-based and trauma-informed.

I love exploring unconventional paths and uncommon bravery. I'm convinced there are solutions. I hold hope in the palm of my hand.